Integration: A Spectrum

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Maybe it’s because I grew up in Arizona 💀🌵…but I find myself SO moved by the change of season. It’s like each new season stirs up perspectives and emotions I hadn’t realized I’d been missing. And springtime always feels especially energetic to me. I’ve been going on these long walks every day for the past […]

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Individualism, Idealism, and Artistic Integrity

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Spring is on the horizon, and I’m feeling the best kind of restless. Now that I’ve finished building my online songwriting class (launch date April 1!), I’m able to dig in to the new record with full focus…and gosh, I am feeling good about it. I’m turning 33 this year, and depending on how old […]

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Before, Beside, Between, Beyond…

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How’s your year going so far? I feel like a broken record with this kind of thing, but I’m genuinely struggling to believe January is almost over. It’s been an odd few weeks, and I’ve found myself feeling quiet and contemplative—processing a blend of artsy thoughts, interpersonal thoughts, and problem-solve-ish thoughts. The big questions, and […]

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How To “To Do”

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In my last post, I shared some of my (mostly behind-the-scenes) 2020 efforts+wins. So, I thought I’d turn things around a bit now and let you in on my favorite practice for creatively managing time… I’ve shared this little strategy a bunch of times over the past few years in masterclasses with music majors and […]

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