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Well hey there! If you’ve made it to this page, you probably already know a little about me… Obviously, I’m a musician—a singer and a songwriter. But more broadly, I’m a person who loves to make and consume artful things. I’m especially moved by fantasy and mythology; and I particularly love stories that are beautiful […]

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This sparkly body of work marks the start of something new for me… I’ve been truer to myself than I’ve ever been before. Unabashed. Unapologetic. Determined to reclaim and hold dear the parts of myself that arrived with me as a brilliant new little being in this world, but were never cherished or honored as […]

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Considering Catalysts

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Well my friend, it’s time to chomp right into another deep dive… But first, I just want to give a more emotional update, if that’s alright with ya. I know I’ve talked about this before, but the release phase of music-making can really get me all tangled up. And I’m already feeling a bit knotty […]

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A Look at Before and After

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I’ve been thinking lately how odd it is that we imagine our lives made up of befores and afters. We seem to love to bookend things, to wrap each phase of our time in a neat bundle. But I sort of think that while we’re in the “during” of it all, we find it unbearable […]

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Making Room For More

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I have to tell you, this month’s batch of Artifice interviews with three resilient, vibrant women was something I didn’t realize I needed…but gosh, did I need it. My personal art issues are wrapped up in my childhood traumas, but are informed by my gender (and the social norms attached to it) in powerful ways, […]

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