Deep Dive

What You Know How To See

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I hope December is treating you right so far. I have been depresssssssssed lately, but feeling a bit better this week. So, I thought I’d reach out with some deep dive-y musings… I’ve been thinking a lot lately about taste—what is “good,” excellent, original, etc. I imagine this is a question that plagues many artists. […]

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On Fear: An Ode to Spooky Season 👻

On Fear: An Ode to Spooky Season 👻Read more

Well Friends, October was a big one. A new single out, and I got to shepherd the first group of travelers across The Hallowed Wide 🔮 #guidedtour… Toward the beginning of this year, I made a promise to look my scariest scaries right in the face moving forward, and these last several weeks have really put […]

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Care Within Commodity

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A funny thing happened a few weeks ago… I was chatting with one of my best friends (hellloooo Pierce!), and he mentioned that even though he knows I write all of my emails (because I see him all the time and I talk about it…), they sometimes feel like they’re coming from some magical assistant-type person. And you […]

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We’re Still Here…

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Fall is upon us… And it’s with some potent autumnal vibes that I look back over my conversations with August’s podcast guests. 🍂 As I listen with a bit of calm, a bit of delight, and a bit of melancholy, I’m moved by the way each of my guests speaks about finding meaning in their […]

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