Rose Gold Pick: Chitra Agrawal

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I’m more aware than ever this year that the world is ENORMOUS, and I am very small. But I’m nonetheless determined to do whatever little things I can to contribute positively within my human family. And one thing I CAN do, is support my fellow femme creatives by sharing their incredible work…and support YOU by […]

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Mushroom and Leek Ramen

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It seems like it’s maybe about time for another On Brand, Off Medium post… I’m a professional musician, but I really try to practice what I preach with creative exploration, comfort zone expansion, etc. Cooking is one of my favorite ways to flex my creativity outside of my professional medium. And lately, I’m especially interested […]

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Rose Gold Pick: Loralee Dodson

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It’s the FIRST EVER Rose Gold Pick! I love Artifice (my podcast) more than almost anything, but I want to be able to feature a wider variety of artful business-owners, and specifically a wider array of artful femmes. So, this is the beginning of a brand-new monthly series wherein I choose a beautiful lady, ask […]

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