I’m more aware than ever this year that the world is ENORMOUS, and I am very small. But I’m nonetheless determined to do whatever little things I can to contribute positively within my human family. And one thing I CAN do, is support my fellow femme creatives by sharing their incredible work…and support YOU by clueing you in to the work of some truly outstanding individuals.

In many ways, this is what “beauty” means to ME.

And I am PUMPED to share today’s Rose Gold Pick, whose wonderful creations infuse my life with joy on the literal daily.

Rose Gold Pick: Chitra Agrawal

I first heard of Brooklyn Delhi when one of their chutneys was a featured ingredient in a Blue Apron meal Andrew and I were making. I was in instant wholehearted love, and (after eating, of course) set out on a google quest to figure out where I could procure an enormous quantity of this chutney for daily consumption.

I fully expected to find that Brooklyn Delhi was an arm of some larger corporate grocer, and was overjoyed to see that Brooklyn Delhi is the creation of one badass culinary wiz, Chitra Agrawal!

And, of course, I immediately ordered several jars of Tomato Achaar (my fave)…

A little about Chitra…

Rose Gold Pick: Chitra AgrawalSince 2009 in Brooklyn, Chitra has specialized in serving, teaching and writing about Indian home cooking. She has been featured in The New York Times, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Saveur, among others for her cooking and is the author of Vibrant India: Fresh Vegetarian Recipes from Bangalore to Brooklyn (Penguin Random House, March 2017).

Chitra travels to India each year to visit family and gain inspiration for her recipes. Much of what her suitcase is filled with going back home is (you guessed it!) achaar in oh so many varieties – green mango, gooseberry, red chili, carrot, etc. After getting her fiancé Ben Garthus hooked on the stuff (and running out of achaar before her next trip), they realized that the only achaars available for sale in the US were salt-heavy, cooked with unhealthy oils & preservatives and lacked that homemade flavor.

Chitra set out to make the condiment from ingredients she found around her in Brooklyn like tomatoes, rhubarb, garlic and American gooseberries.  Usually achaar is really spicy and really salty, which means you don’t eat a lot of it, but the Brooklyn Delhi recipe highlights the flavor of the vegetables and fruits and aromatic spices (that are also very healthy!), along with the chilies so it’s not all about burning your tongue off and raising your blood pressure:) After selling out of her achaars at pop-up events and cooking classes, Chitra and Ben decided to package them for everyone to enjoy.

Chitra, what does beauty mean to you?

“Beauty is being at peace with yourself, embracing who you are, flaws and all.”

Embracing ourselves wholly is easier said than done, but of course I absolutely agree. And it’s really a remarkable thing to consider that something Chitra makes THOUSANDS of miles away can brighten and beautify my life truly every day.

You can order a jar of Chitra’s Tomato Chutney (or any of her amazing creations) on Amazon, or directly through her website! I highly recommend buying a few jars for yourself, and a few to give as gifts during this upcoming holiday season. Share. The. Love.

Here are a few more pictures of some very fine dishes… #drool

Rose Gold Pick: Chitra Agrawal

Rose Gold Pick: Chitra Agrawal

AND…Chitra has created a WONDERFUL community of flavor-loving individuals who share recipes and more! Ask to join Brooklyn Delhi Cooking Club today. And be sure to follow Chitra and Brooklyn Delhi on Instagram at @chitra and @brooklyndelhi, respectively.

Happy Beauty Building!