I feel like a broken record, but as per usual…too many thoughts, too little time!

Nevertheless, I wanted to send a few sparkly nothings your way.

First…I have been SWEPT AWAY by a new book this week. It’s called Your Brain on Art, and I feel like it was written for me, and sort of that my entire body of work lines up with the hypothesis of this gorgeous tome. I cannot recommend it enough.

If you feel like joining me in this particular print adventure (the audiobook is also fantastic), please do so, and then place all of your thoughts (real-time, or otherwise) in our little Deep Dive Room!
In other news…

Artifice has been blissful. Have you listened to any of Season 7, yet? I’m working on recording Season 8, and am just floating on cloud 9 about the guests I’ve interviewed and scheduled, so far. WEEE! I can’t wait for you to hear these. Research for album #4 is off to a great start. 💃

Speaking of that…my senses-forward exploration is filling me with wonder, on the daily.

I’m trying to approach my interior design project like an installation work—being playful with materials, textures, colors, shapes, meaning, etc.

I’ve purchased some very whimsical, one-of-a-kind pieces from independent artists all over the world (seriously, this is a far-flung curation endeavor).

Andrew and I are also building/designing some key components, ourselves…

Andrew is working on a console table from the PRETTIEST poplar slab. You won’t believe this piece of timber. What a find!

And I am working on a hanging plant “sculpture.” Ugh. Swoon.

I can’t wait to introduce you to each little treasure.


I’ve been experimenting with sourdough in many lovely ways. My third batch of loaves is currently rising at home (while I write this from the UVU music building atrium, stealing a few moments before tonight’s concert rehearsal with my students).

As you may know, sourdough is a whole thing. I feed my little starter each week, and pull out an extra portion to turn into bread. And then, I’m left with the “discard,” which is the part of the starter you don’t feed.

It feels wrong to throw it away, so I’ve been playing with some recipes that specifically call for this unfed sourdough starter.

And LOOK at these sourdough discard crackers I made last weeeeeeeeeek!

Let me sweep you away...

Are your senses delighted by visuals, alone? I hope so! But I also need you to know that these were DELICIOUS!

I built a whole menu around my sourdough ritual, and paired these crackers with a soup adapted from this recipe (though, I added quite a bit more stock, and also sauteed some mushrooms to complete the dish), with a side of sourdough crostini with roasted grapes, brie, rosemary, honey, and walnuts.

Let me sweep you away...

I’ve been employing MAX creativity and magic-making in my teaching, lately. I’ve been trying to think of how best to share these heartful explorations with you, and haven’t quite landed on the answer. But I’m getting closer!  What I will say is that all of my teaching is feeling like “research” lately, as well. It just all feels so interconnected and interesting. So much to chew on.

The “band” (really, we’re a collection of dozens of musicians who reconfigure ourselves all throughout each summer) is prepping for another big wedding season. We had a fun fun FUN rehearsal/jam/team-building last weekend in my basement, and I was filled with medical grade glee haha. So wonderful!

Just picture 30 professional musicians vibing it up on a Saturday morning. UGHHHH! I can’t handle the joy. And like – THIS is a creative project of mine, as well. It’s an unprecedented happening for us, as an organization! But I envisioned a human-first, high-morale values system for my crew this year, and just made. it. happen! I’m genuinely so proud.

Here’s just a fun little teaser for ya. Look at my cute friends! 😭

Let me sweep you away...

Finally, I’ve started another ongoing practice of doing dedicated listening (records, books, podcasts for which I have specific intentions set) from the bath! Haha. I’ve never really been a bather before, but this knee injury got me in the habit, and I’m trying to lean innnnnnnnn!

If you have any particularly exquisite albums to recommend to me for my aquatic listening, do tell!

Alright. That’s my update. More coming soon…

Sending the highest vibrations your way.