It’s time for the big reveal.

After A YEAR of waiting, I’m absolutely elated to introduce you to…

Introducing The Hallowed Wide

A title as broad and magical as the music it represents…

The Hallowed Wide is the name I’ve given to the sacred space between ourselves and others, or our current selves and the versions of ourselves we’re trying to grow into. It’s the messiness of vulnerability, trust, and intimacy.

Over twelve lovingly crafted tracks, the record offers an enchanted guide through The Hallowed Wide, imagined as a bewitching fog-covered canyon. We enter in mystery. We pass through nightmares and dreams—shedding faults, and gathering wisdom along the way—to finally exit in vivid illumination.

Starting in a few weeks, I’ll be releasing these 12 songs as singles, one per month over the next year, with the final track landing late in 2022. It’s an awfully long time to wait for the end of the story…

But, if you want the entire album a whole year early (along with plenty of extra art and insights and hidden treasures), you can pre-order it right now.


In addition to a beautiful hard copy (4-panelled eco sleeve) of this spooky-pretty record, the pre-order includes digital audio files for all twelve songs, early access to twelve music videos, and…the hand-drawn fantasy map I created myself as an accompaniment piece to this musical work. Because, as you know, all great fantasy tales come with a map of their unique worlds. I’m very, very, VERY excited to send this particular treasure with every pre-ordered copy of The Hallowed Wide.

The only thing left to do is come up to the edge and step inside

Are you ready?