I have a hypothesis…

It’s a hypothesis about human connection – about what it takes to be a more connected family of humans. In a decidedly unscientific manner (artfully methodical?), I’ve been gathering data and conducting research for years—looking for patterns, drawing tentative conclusions, codifying loose procedures.

I’m not sure how to tell you…

This is The Hallowed Wide.

I’ve had an odd sort of knot in my belly these past few months as we’ve gone deeper into the project. I can’t help but feel like this premise isn’t landing how I hoped it would. And lately I’m wondering if maybe I just need to SAY it.

This is a music album. AND…this is something else, too. I’m still working out how to say it, but it IS something else. And I really deeply want (<< long…wish) for this to be clear as the next chapter makes its way out of my own little art nest and into the world.

The Hallowed Wide is a carefully laid-out guide through the “research.” I experience it like a dissertation—all wrapped up in the best sort of whimsy (these are my rules #chicagostylebedamned 😅).

And. The crux of the thing, the ultimate “finding,” the lightbulb moment…it’s here. We’ve arrived at this point.

I can’t articular how badly I want this chapter to be consumed AS the culmination of every previous chapter. It can’t land how it should, if consumed alone. And it can’t land how it should if interpreted as anything short of a conscientious thesis—a whimsical manifesto, a philosophy, a proclamation.

So. What else is there to say?

Fit You In My Mind is out 8.26.22. I invite you to consume responsibly.

I Have a Hypothesis...

(further instructions may follow)

Precariously Yours,