Embark is a beautiful collection of songs about adventure, beginnings, and movement. These dreamy and dramatic modern-jazz compositions are delivered with equal parts sincerity and polish, and provide a thematic foundation for Emily’s later works. “Embark” is both dark and whimsical—brimming with ethereal color palettes, graceful textures, and wholehearted tenderness. In the spring of 2013, Emily received a prestigious international Downbeat award in the Original Composition category for her piece, “Ondine’s Dance.” Emily was also selected as a winner of the International Jazz Education Network Composition Showcase in 2012 and had the immense pleasure of performing her original composition “Secret,” at the JEN conference in Louisville, Kentucky, accompanied by several members of the outstanding Alan Baylock Jazz Orchestra.


Emily Merrell – vocals
Addison Frei – piano and keyboards
Brian Ward – acoustic and electric bass
Andrew Merrell – drums and djembe
Aaron Hedenstrom – tenor saxophone and clarinet
Adam Hutcheson – alto saxophone and flute
Matt Hornbeck – electric, nylon string, and acoustic guitars
Jose Perez – percussion

Embark — by Emily Merrell ($15.00 + $4.00 shipping)


close my mind to fear, leaving weakness behind • I find my dreams within a memory • all hearts unite a beating pulse • just like the bare tree, my heart in quiet peace • in your dreams can you feel my love • days may come when you wonder if you’re dreaming while you wake • the stillness holds my heart, now • you’re flying on your broken wings • can you see your courage has gone far away • the voices, in whispers, weave and spin • what if the first tree was found in winter • like a spider in the web you weave  • I hear a wind, a whisper • fear will never save you from the truth • what I have not become I will reclaim • breathing new life • every morning is new • with blankets of shimmering mist • keep your eyes on what you think you see • never looking back, I’m running free • not waiting for my leaves • my eyes are closed and still • the melody breathes peace around me • breathing new life • arise with the dream no longer asleep • knowing now where I’ve been • why shouldn’t I believe that you will come to me • all souls embrace again • survive the fire by reaching for the flame