Winter Moods Playlist

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I often feel like my favorite season is whichever season I’m currently experiencing (except summer . . . summer is never my favorite), but there is something so special about the winter. It has such a duality. Sometimes it is cozy and joyful and bright. And sometimes it is the loneliest, most melancholy time. I […]

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Art and Artist as Ephemera

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This monthly essay is becoming a habit I value so highly. I hope you’re loving them, too! December 2019 featured: Daniel Charon, Choreographer (December 2, Ep. 37) Rebecca Jensen, Illustrator (December 10, Ep. 38) Ryan Nielsen, Jazz Trumpet Player (December 17, Ep. 39) My guests had some striking new insights in to my ever-evolving Art vs. […]

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How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

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I like to think I have a good instinct for design, but when I bought my first grown-up Christmas tree a few years ago, I didn’t really know where to begin. I talked with a few designer friends, applied some practical limitations of my own, and came up with a design and method I really […]

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Does Creativity Demand Discomfort?

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Creativity sometimes feels completely enigmatic. Is it something you try? Is it something you practice? Is it something you become? These questions felt like a bit of an impromptu theme this month… November 2019 featured: Heidi Gress, Fashion Photographer (November 5, Ep. 33) Nick Fahs, Chef (November 12, Ep. 34) Jessica Day George, Author (November […]

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