Creatively Framing Your Weak Points

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We are BACK to regularly-scheduled programming after our May foray into Masks. I have been buzzing so hard with new ideas in the last month, and I’m excited to tell you about all of them. But for now…let’s focus on this Deep Dive! I’m really proud to have kept the episodes coming over the last […]

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Cultivating Creative Resilience

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The whole world has changed in the last month. It feels like March 1 was years ago…BUT, one important thing that happened during this bizarre month was Artifice’s birthday! It’s officially been one full year since I started this beautiful project. Can you believe it? I’ve loved every interview. I hope you have, too. 😊 March […]

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The Fluidity of Authenticity

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I loved talking with my February 2020 Artifice Podcast guests about the wiggly nature of authenticity. It’s easy to assume that there is some finite, fixed truth about who you are in a moment—about who you are over time—but the more I consider this topic, the clearer it seems that authenticity is ever-changing. Each of […]

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The Bravery of the Unknown Endpoint

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I hope you all have loved the Artifice Dallas Series as much as I have! It was so incredible for me to reconnect with Sergio and Shannon, my old college buddies. Interviewing my brilliant uncle Jonathan was one of the best things in all of 2019. And meeting+interviewing Jose and Michael (two artists I would have had NO other earthly reason to get to […]

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