Creative Action-Taking

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The irony of this essay title is really getting me right now, because I feel like July 2020 has been the least productive month of maybe my entire adult life. I always want to be careful to avoid the “highlight reel” phenomenon we’ve grown to expect from each other, but I also DO want to […]

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Art As Intimacy

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I feel like quarantine has been getting to me in some kind of way, because I couldn’t help but feel like ALL of June’s interviews were touching on themes of closeness, human contact, intimacy, and embodying art in our community interactions. Projection much? In any case, it’s been a month of lovely episodes, and I’m […]

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Rose Gold Pick: Loralee Dodson

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It’s the FIRST EVER Rose Gold Pick! I love Artifice (my podcast) more than almost anything, but I want to be able to feature a wider variety of artful business-owners, and specifically a wider array of artful femmes. So, this is the beginning of a brand-new monthly series wherein I choose a beautiful lady, ask […]

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