Masks Part IV: Ongoing…

Masks Part IV: Ongoing...Read more

When I published my original Masks essay in February of 2019, I was at a bit of a breaking point. I felt deeply, chokingly unseen. And I imagined that articulating my fears, traumas, and ideas would alleviate some of the invisibility I felt. But after two years spent wrapping my tender stories in their most […]

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Humanity as Creative Expression

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Here we are in the final month of this insane year. I’m a big fan of reflecting and setting new goals year round, but I do find a particular joy in reassessing at the end of the calendar year. It’s often a bit of a bleak time—maybe we’re lacking vitamin D, maybe we’re feeling drained […]

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Rose Gold Pick: Chitra Agrawal

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I’m more aware than ever this year that the world is ENORMOUS, and I am very small. But I’m nonetheless determined to do whatever little things I can to contribute positively within my human family. And one thing I CAN do, is support my fellow femme creatives by sharing their incredible work…and support YOU by […]

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The Wonder of Creative Ownership

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Of course, music is my primary mode of expression. But I’m simply not moved to write without inspiration…and inspiration comes to me through deep dives. “Artifice” is my homespun inspiration wellspring. It’s its own form of expression, certainly, but more than anything, it’s a cozy nest where my musical mind reliably (weekly) gets an inspo […]

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