Masks Part III: Artifice Podcast


I’ve talked a bit now about some of my personal masks, but as I said in my first essay, I am also committed to gathering/hearing these stories. I’ve thought a lot about how best to do this, and I’ve landed on . . . A PODCAST! I’ve already conducted interviews with 14 professional artists in […]

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MASKS Part II: Mom

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My second “Masks” essay is a harder one to write, but it feels important for me to share. This photo was taken in the summer of 2007 at Niagara Falls. It looks like a perfectly normal family vacation photo . . . but this was one of the worst days of my life. Some context: […]

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Intro to Masks

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I’m coming to the realization that the great majority of my darker moments stem from the feeling that I am not “seen,” and a fear that I may not ever be. And really, my biggest motivators for creativity are wrapped up in the same roots. Of course, I don’t mean literally “seen,” but that ache […]

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Coyote Days

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I listened to a podcast recently wherein a biologist described an assignment he had to capture and tag individuals from a large coyote population. He said most of the coyotes would sort of ball up in the corner of the cage while getting tagged, and then scamper away when the door was opened. Easy as […]

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